Traceability Basics

  • In-house development since 2003
  • 100% integrated into our tool landscape
  • 100% transparency in our systems
  • 100% control over our processes
  • The process flow of products is recorded at defined checkpoints and relevant process parameters are logged
  • Based on a structured data collection that can be accessed at any time and is available for analysis
  • A web-based solution that enables simple presentation of data and an understandable layout on the ml&s systems

Data collection traceability

  • Recording of work steps, time stamps, and results
  • Recording of measurement data
  • Saving of texts (e.g. test reports)
  • Saving of binary data (e.g. AOI and X-ray images)
  • Allocation of Mac addresses
  • Assignment of customer specific serial numbers
  • Bundling (e.g. packaging)
  • Allocation to the delivery note number

Traceability of serial numbers and MAC addresses

  • Requesting and assigning new product specific serial numbers in the process chain
  • Product specific creation of serial numbers
  • Management of serial numbers and MAC addresses
  • Linking of part numbers and serial numbers or MAC addresses