Development and construction of customized testing systems

We are specialized in the development and construction of customized testing systems and in programming the corresponding testing software.

With our experienced team, we can respond directly to the requirements of your application and realise the best possible solution for you and your end customer.

Our core competences in the development of testing technology are:

  • Programming automated testing software with LabView/TestStand
  • Designing safety tests using high voltage (HV)
  • Construction of special testing systems in accordance with customer requirements
  • Cable testing using the Weetech testing system

We are able to program specific software on circuits in advance (with specific adaptations) or in-circuit during assembly testing after successful assembly. The modules are labelled, or the software version is documented using laser marking or labels.

If you provide us with your own testing systems, we will take over the maintenance and support, including the calibration of all equipment.

Our services also include the planning, design and construction of testing equipment and testing systems in accordance with customer specifications in our own workshop, along with provision of traceability for testing results via logging and documentation that is precisely linked to the serial number.