Manufacturing and testing printed circuit boards is one of our core competences. Especially in the area of prototyping or constructing "working models", things generally have to happen very quickly. We work together with our partner Kämpfe Elektronik in order to realise your wishes and short-term requirements quickly and fully. Thanks to this close cooperation and the physical proximity between the two companies, we are already recording, discussing and evaluating the knowledge we have gained during development of the initial products for upcoming series processes. The layout is checked as early as possible in terms of its suitability for series production and thus also for possible cost potentials.

You do not incur any additional expenses by working with our partner. We are commissioned by you and will manage everything that is necessary.

In prototyping, we assemble PCB prototypes with SMT and THT components from one component and from one piece. 

Depending on the project, we also offer an express service in addition to our standard delivery time.

We offer you the complete supply chain – from purchasing worldwide, to direct delivery. You have the parts list, and we take care of the materials.

We can realize even the most complex assemblies with well over 1000 components in a very short time while maintaining high quality. The quality of the assembly is then monitored via the usual quality processes of series production (e.g. x-Ray, Flying Probe).

You will receive comprehensive feedback on manufacturability, including information (with possible solutions) on how to optimise your prototype once the production order has been completed.