SUSTAINABILITY is a top priority at ml&s

E - Environment
  1. Environmental protection officer and ISO 14001 certification since 2002
  2. A self-sufficiency rate of 22% in 2023 thanks to our own power generation/electricity from 100% green electricity since 2021
  3. Energy for heating largely from renewable district heating, with complete conversion planned by 2025
  4. Performance of an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247 and implementation of energy-saving and energy efficiency measures
  5. Various projects to protect the environment, such as determining the CO2 footprint, CO2-neutral shipping, digitalisation of document management, use of reusable packaging, reduction of waste transport by optimising waste disposal, reuse of packaging material
  6. JobRad program for employees to promote ecological mobility
S - Social
  1. In-house occupational safety specialist 
  2. Implemented management system for occupational safety and health with safety programs since 2006 for continuous improvement of working conditions in all areas
  3. Internal training programmes and support for external training courses
  4. Regular employee satisfaction surveys to generate ideas for initiatives
  5. Donation program for sustainable support of local clubs and institutions
  6. Promotion of the integration of foreign employees
  7. Employee health promotion through programs and offers
  8. Promotion of participation in regional fitness events
  9. Training of young talents through own apprenticeship program
  10. Corporate benefits for employees
  11. Participation in mentoring programme for female executives
  12. Flexible working hour models, focus on work-life balance including possibilities for home office
  13. On-site occupational medical care
G - Governance
  1. Lived Code of Conduct
  2. Continuous monitoring for risk management
  3. Transparent information and communication with all stakeholders
  4. Ensuring business continuity through emergency plans for different crisis scenarios
  5. Increased resilience to cyber attacks, with the ISO 27001 certificate and TISAX label 
  6. Compliance with legal regulations through various officers, such as Compliance, Data Protection, Fire Protection, etc.
  7. Whistleblower system for reporting rule violations

Corporate Policy

Our corporate policy addresses the values and interests of our internal and external stakeholders. Thus, we set the course for a long-term development of the company.



Code of Conduct

The ml&s Code of Conduct describes how we do the right thing every day and act with integrity. This requires that everyone working for ml&s adhere to applicable laws and common rules. These rules are transparent and explained to everyone in the Code of Conduct.