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Technology Park
ml&s – Technology Park Greifswald
Our Technology Park is right beside the Technologiezentrum Vorpommern and the Greifswald vocational training school.
At present there are already 20 innovative companies operating on over 50,000 sq.m. in the 100,000 sq.m. Technology Park.
Technology Park
The areas
 for rent are situated in a six-storey building without cellars, which was erected as a skeleton construction out of reinforced concrete in 1989 and was renovated in 2009-10.

The building is situated within the Technology Park, which is operated by ml&s, Siemensallee, Greifswald. A very good infrastructure exists through being integrated into the Technology Park. This comprises 24-hour security monitoring; logistics and production services; connection to, and support of, the IT-network; provision of canteens; and synergistic effects through companies established at the Technology Park.

The building has no internal barriers and is equipped with a passenger lift. The windows are plastic-framed with insulating glazing, the stairs have terrazzo flooring and the sanitary areas are tiled. Each floor has male and female toilets constructed with solid walls and these are situated in the middle of the building.

The arrangement of the floor plan is flexible on all floors, i.e. the internal arrangement and division of floor areas is drawn up in accordance with the tenant's requirements.
Access to the building is controlled by a chip-card system. It is also possible for tenants to have their own locking systems in their rented areas.

Areas for rent:
 Each floor has approximately 500 sq. m. available for sole use by the tenant; at the same time a division into smaller areas is also possible.

 As a result of its situation Greifswald Technology Park is supported by numerous programmes. For further information visit the website of the State Institute for the Promotion of Business in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, www.lfi−

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